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A smarter banking solution that’s right for you

A smarter banking solution that’s right for you

Save the way that suits you best

BRED Bank has been helping savers all over the world to reach their financial goals for over 100 years. We have long-term accounts for people who want to earn our best interest rates by saving a set amount of money each month. We also have short-term accounts that cover periods from three months to three years. And, we even have accounts where you can earn interest and access your money without penalty at any time. Which savings account suits you best?

  • Save over 3, 5 or 10 years
  • Best interest rates
  • Local or foreign currencies
  • Save a fixed amount between $10 and $1,000 every month
  • Options to increase monthly savings amount
  • Instant Access – no lock in period
  • Tiered interest rate depending on cash balance
  • Local or foreign currencies
  • Interest calculated daily and applied monthly
  • $5,000 opening balance required
  • Fixed term saving from 3 months to 3 years
  • Competitive interest rates 
  • Local or foreign currencies
  • Options to receive interest in advance, monthly or at the end of the term


BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc. issues urgent fraud warning

BRED Bank Cambodia has been recently made aware that fraudsters have been using images of the bank’s Battambang Branch building alongside a modified version of our logo and name to attempt to defraud unsuspecting customers.

Please note that BRED Bank Cambodia has no association with an organisation calling itself ‘BAB Bank’ or ‘BAB Loan’ and that ‘BAB Bank’ or ‘BAB Loan’ is NOT a licensed bank.

BRED Bank Cambodia only has one branch in Battambang Province located at No. 36 & 37, Steet 1, Prek Moha Tep Village, Sangkat Svay Por, Krong Battambang, Battambang Province. If any customers see any evidence of fraudsters attempting to use BRED Bank Cambodia photography or logos, this should be reported immediately to the bank and the authorities. BRED Bank Cambodia will also take legal action against any organisation or individuals who use the bank’s imagery and brand identity without permission.

We urge all of our customers to be extremely cautious and aware of potential scams and to report any suspicious sources immediately. You should also be aware that BRED Bank Cambodia shall not be held responsible for any action carried out by ‘BAB Bank’ or ‘BAB Loan’ or for any loss incurred by any individual or organisation associated with these criminal activities.

Thank you!