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Trust us with all your escrow needs 

Trust us with all your escrow needs 

Protect your high-value transactions with BRED Bank Escrow 

In any high-value transaction, whether you’re buying or selling land and building, valuable stocks and shares or transferring the ownership of a business, it makes sense to use a specialised service known as escrow

BRED Bank Cambodia can act as a trusted independent custodian, holding the buyer’s money in a special escrow account until every condition of their agreement with the seller has been fulfilled.

  • Eliminates the possibility of fraud
  • Totally independent of buyer and seller
  • Licensed by Cambodia’s Trust Regulator
  • Backed by one of Europe’s largest banking groups.
  • Sales and purchase agreement
  • Escrow agreement (inclusive acknowledgement from seller, buyer, lawyers and notary)
  • Identity documents for sellers and buyers and other involved parties where necessary
  • Other supporting documents in relation to Escrow transaction.

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