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In 2018, BRED Bank Cambodia undertook extensive research with more than a hundred small and medium-size female business owners to understand the real challenges to doing business. Overwhelmingly, the largest challenges are staff and staff management.
We were told that businesswomen were finding it difficult to rely on staff to solve problems themselves, manage conflict, and take control when the business leaders were not around. To us at BRED Bank, we recognise this means lost business opportunities for growth, and lost revenue.

BRED Bank (Cambodia) PlcBRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc

The Better Business Academy

At BRED Bank we are always wanting to help you build a better business. BRED Bank undertook extensive research with over 100 Cambodian business women, to build a better understanding of your key obstacles to growing your business.

Question: What is your number one headache in running your business from day to day? Over 80% of the responses related to staffing, specifically:

You find it difficult to rely on staff to solve problems by themselves.
Staff are not able to manage conflict within their own team and across teams.
Employees are too dependent on their leaders and are not proactive.

Based on this extensive research and feedback, BRED Bank set about creating the most essential practical skills training that Cambodian business owners have asked for.

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